Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here's a dollar...

I was in my bedroom the other day, tidying away some clothes. Occasionally I manage to exhibit the bit of domestication my wife has tried to foster in me. In the background I start to become aware of a soft rustling from somewhere in the other room. My seven year old boy is up to something. His mom seems to be encouraging him to do whatever it is.
I go back to my business. Suddenly my son comes running into the room. He is smiling and holds his hand out to me. There is a folded one dollar bill in it.
"This is for your acting, Daddy!"
I am left a little speechless.
My boy is offering to support his Daddy in his dream. For a boy his age, a dollar represents a fortune. Anything can be bought with this. I was touched beyond measure.
That dollar sits on my mirror, reminding me that giving up will never be an option.
If I had a bit of advice to hand out from my little tale, its this:
You're only as good as your team. People love you and support can and will come from the most unexpected of places.

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